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New Plunge Turn Toolpath video

ISCAR and Mastercam have worked very closely to develop Mastercam X5's new Plunge Turn toolpath. ISCAR's plunge and turn tools have long been the industry standard for producing highly efficient grooving and turning toolpaths on lathe parts. However, due to the complex motion and cutting methods required, use of these tools was typically relegated to manual programming. With Mastercam X5 Lathe, clearance values, options to eliminate hanging ring burrs, and wide step avoidance have been added to support the ISCAR plunge and turn tools.

Cutoff Toolpath Enhancements video

  • The option to define the entry amount (for both the main cut and clearance cuts) and incremental retract radius from the stock model, rather than the selected cutoff point.
  • A new Back Face Stock parameter so you can select the cutoff point on the back of the finished part and still leave stock for back facing.
  • The ability to apply a secondary feed rate and spindle speed at a defined radius.

Tool Inspection video

After successfully adding tool inspection to groove toolpaths, Mastercam X5 adds similar functionality to the roughing toolpaths. This feature allows tool inspection between depth passes, after a specified cut length, or after a specified time. You can access the feature from the Rough parameters page of the Lathe Rough Properties dialog box.

Boring Bar Holder Improvements

Mastercam's verification and collision checking has been enhanced to create a more accurate visual representation of boring bars, while still maintaining accurate collision detection. For visualization verification in Backplot and Verify, Mastercam creates a 3D representation assembly from a 2D profile.

Turn Profile Enhancements video

Mastercam X5 has refined the Turn Profile function introduced with X4 to more quickly generate more accurate profiles from solids for all your turning applications.

Powerful Roughing and Finishing

Fast, efficient bulk material removal and precise finishing are essential to efficient NC programming. Mastercam gives you a variety of techniques to turn all of your parts exactly as you need them.

  • Downward roughing.
  • No plunge roughing and finishing.
  • Intelligent roughing of inside and outside diameters, including roughing to a boundary for castings.
  • New plunge turn toolpath designed specifically for ISCAR cut grip inserts. video
  • Optimized center line facing including roughing and finishing.
  • Finish contouring (profiling), with optional multiple passes for a better finish.
  • Automatically create a finish pass after a rough operation using the same tool.
  • Automatically break corners during finish passes without changing your model.
  • Set feed rates for desired finish quality.
  • Boring, drilling, and point-to-point machining.
  • Chuck, part, steady rest, and tailstock detection.
  • Click and drag a machining start point anywhere on the model.
  • Mastercam's stock recognition knows what is left after each operation.
  • Automatic gouge checking watches the front and back of the tool.
  • Open and directly machine a solid model.
  • Powerful tool angle control for machines with B-axis tooling arms.
  • Mastercam's Quick Toolpaths let you program parts completely with just a few simple clicks.
Downward roughing
Downward roughing

no plunge roughing
No plunge roughing

outer boundary
Roughing to an outer boundary (casting)
face roughing
Automated facing from the center line out
ID rough
ID roughing

stock recognition
Stock recognition knows what is left after each operation
no plunge
Finishing with automated no plunge option
multiple contour
Multiple contouring for complete finishing

Easy Threading and Grooving

Common threading and grooving techniques combine with Mastercam's easy operation and additional strategies to give you fast and precise results.

  • Click and drag a machining start point anywhere on your model.
  • Grooving with multiple depth cuts and pecking.
  • Groove from a point or multiple points without creating geometry.
  • Easily define groove depth, width, wall angles, corner radius, and chamfer.
  • Skip over a groove or cavity when roughing or finishing without creating additional geometry.
  • Step and stepless grooving.
  • Many additional grooving options including zigzag rough grooving, angular grooving, and face grooving.
  • Complete threading with multiple starts, diameter calculation, and thread tables.
  • Chuck, part, steady rest, and tailstock detection.
  • New Multiple chains option makes programming complex groves containing multiple pieces of geometry much easier by programming all selected grooves at once.
  • A corner dwell can be engaged at the intersection of wall/corner geometry to a flat bottom groove.
  • Set a feed rate specifically for the first plunge move.
  • New feed and speed options for finish passes output a separate feed rate and spindle speed for the finish groove passes.
  • Mastercam's new Tool Inspection Position provides a way for you to inspect your tool based on conditions you set. The options available are between grooves, after first plunge, after each depth cut, and after a specified number of plunges.
  • Open and directly machine a solid model.
  • Mastercam's Quick Toolpaths let you program parts completely with just a few simple clicks.

Fast thread machining
Fast thread machining
Step grooving
Step grooving
Stepless grooving
Stepless grooving
Zigzag rough grooving
Zigzag rough grooving
Multiple grooving styles, including angular
Multiple grooving styles, including angular
Face grooving
Face grooving

C-axis (Mill/Turn) Programming

Full C-axis machining when combined with Mastercam Mill.

Mastercam Lathe delivers a standard set of C-axis programming tools, with greatly expanded options when combined with Mastercam Mill.

  • Face contour
  • Cross contour
  • Face drilling
  • Cross drilling
  • Both Face and Cross drilling include the ability to sort points in a clockwise or counterclockwise sweep (rotary) direction.
  • Automatically sets tool plane and construction plane for face/cross contour and face/cross drilling.
  • Machine C-axis contours with 3D or flat geometry.

Capture Your Machining Knowledge

Mastercam creates a smart link between a part and its toolpaths. This associativity means that if there are any changes to the part, you can easily update the toolpath.

Toolpath Associativity

Mastercam's full associativity gives you the power to capture your work and build on your experience. Once you program a part - any part - you can modify any element of the job and immediately get updated toolpaths without starting over. Mastercam's intelligent NC programming lets you build a library of machining strategies done the way you want them. Just choose the saved operations, apply them to a part, and Mastercam adapts them to the new model. Fast, easy, and productive - the way programming should be.

CAD File Change Recognition & Toolpath Updating

chagne recognition
Mastercam's Change Recognition quickly identifies changes to a CAD file, allowing you to easily adjust the toolpath for the updated model.

Mastercam delivers two powerful tools that give you an easy way to identify these issues and streamline programming an updated file - File Tracking and Change Recognition.

  • Create a checklist of files to watch including Mastercam, SolidWorks, Autocad, or other CAD files. Mastercam alerts you when a newer version of any file on the list is available.
  • Mastercam's Change Recognition identifies modifications to any type of CAD geometry with no file type imitations - any combination of wireframe, solids, or surfaces.
  • Mastercam marks any toolpaths affected by the updated CAD file. You can quickly select the new geometry and update the toolpaths.
  • Once you update an affected toolpath, automatically update any additional toolpaths that use that geometry.

The real power of these tools becomes clear when receiving engineering changes to a large file with multiple operations. Something as simple as a few additional drill holes could be frustrating to identify. Now, with a few mouse clicks, you can immediately locate and program these changes, saving valuable time.


CAD translatorsWhether you are bringing in a file from a specific CAD package or a neutral format, dependable and accurate data translators are essential to your shop.

  • Built-in data translators for IGES, Parasolid®, SAT (ACIS solids), AutoCAD® (DXF, DWG, and InventorTM files), SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, KeyCreator®, Rhino®, STEP, EPS, CADL, STL, VDA, and ASCII.
  • Direct translators for CATIA®, Pro/E, and more are also available.
  • When opening a SolidWorks file in Mastercam, you can bring in the entire solids history, ready to be edited with Mastercam Solids.
  • Special no-charge Mastercam Direct add-ins put a button in your CAD system's toolbar that lets you open launch Mastercam and open your native file with a single click. Mastercam Direct is available for SolidWorks, Solid Edge, or AutoCAD Inventor files.