Mastercam X6 Release Highlights

Mastercam X6 delivers full 64-bit support and a powerful set of new tools to help you make the most of your shop. We've listed some highlights below (click the video icon to see a quick demonstration):

Mill and Router:

  • The new in-process stock model delivers an accurate representation of your part as toolpaths are applied to it. The model can be verified and used as the basis for additional toolpaths. video
  • Enhanced dynamic milling includes finer control and additional time savings. video
  • Fast 2D HST region chaining dramatically speeds up dynamic toolpath programming. video
  • Smart rest roughing uses the new in-process stock model to create a highly efficient pass to remove stock remaining from a larger tool
  • Hybrid finish "filler" passes divide your part into a series of Z sections and applies two different machining strategies to each section for a superior finish.


  • Variable depth roughing for longer insert life. video
  • Easy pick, pull and cutoff operations. video
  • Remaining stock removal. video
  • Smart finishing that identifies and cuts flats and walls with different motion. video
  • Finish tool inspection. video
  • Enhanced canned rough and finish toolpaths.
  • New finish feed / speed facing and canned grooving controls.


  • Enhanced autosyncing.
  • Improved wirepath editing.
  • New force wire taper to vertical options.

CAD Tools:

  • Finer control over intersecting and trimming solid edges.
  • Enhanced solid trim to surface.
  • Dynamic transform along a vector.

Blade Expert: video

With the release of Mastercam X6 , we're also introducing Mastercam Blade Expert, a new purchasable add-on designed for multi-bladed parts. This powerful tool can be added to Mastercam Mill Level 3 or Router Pro, and delivers:
  • Powerful programming for fans, propellers, impellers, turbines, marine screws and more.
  • Variety of efficient roughing strategies.
  • Precise curt pattern control on blade, fillet, and floor finishing.
  • Automatic tool axis control.
  • Full machine simulation.

Mastercam X5 MU1 is Released

This maintenance update is available at no charge to all current Mastercam maintenance customers, and can be downloaded here.
The updates and new tools available in Mastercam X5 MU1 include:

  • Enhanced collision checking and containment options for 3D HST toolpaths.
  • Improved Curve 5-axis and Swarf 5-axis cutting, allowing overlap.
  • Faster Mill tree-style dialog performance.


  • Drag and drop parts from one sheet to another during geometry or toolpath nesting.
  • Output block drilling parameters for easy use on setup sheets and with certain point-to-point routers.


  • Enhanced 4-axis Direct wirepath accommodates a new suite of geometry and outputs even smoother motion.
  • Improved functionality give you even more precision tab control.

CAD Tools:

  • Updated file translators for ACIS, CATIA, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Unigraphics and Rhino.
  • Easier surface curve selection and solid layout functions.

With the release of Mastercam X5 MU1, we're also introducing Mastercam Port Expert, a new purchasable add-on designed for the head porting industry. This powerful tool can be added on to Mastercam Mill Level 3 or Router Pro, and delivers:

  • Intelligent, specialized programming that machines as far as possible into the port with 3-axis toolpaths before switching smoothly to 5-axis motion.
  • Advanced collision detection to help ensure high-quality cuts.
  • Flexible machining definition and constraints, allowing automatic or manual choices.

Mastercam X5 What's New Videos

If you're interested what new features were introduced in Mastercam X5, check out the videos below.

Smart Roughing & Finishing
Powerful new 3D toolpaths deliver efficient roughing and smart finishing.

3D HST »

Dynamic Milling
Intelligent technique delivers faster cutting and longer tool life.

Dynamic Mill »

Streamlined Multiaxis

Efficient new multiaxis programming delivers faster, more precise machining.

Multiaxis »

Machining Simulation
Check a job on your virtual machine tool before cutting chips.

Machine Simulation »

Advancements in Turning
New ISCAR-specific toolpaths and much more making turning easier.

Lathe  »

Simplified Wire EDM
Powerful libraries and workflow advances speed your EDM programming.

Wire »

New Modeling Tools
Advanced analysis tools, streamlined selection and more.

X5 Design »

Mastercam X5 includes many exciting new tools;

  • New OptiRough toolpath
  • New Hybrid Finish toolpath
  • Improved Multiaxis toolpath interface
  • New Multiaxis toolpaths
  • Mastercam Machine Simulation
  • New Dynamic Rest Mill toolpath
  • New Dynamic Contour toolpath
  • Island Facing in 2D HST toolpaths
  • Circle Mill improvements
  • Dynamic Plane improvements
  • ISCAR HEM (High Efficiency Machining) support
  • Transform toolpath enhancements
  • Feature Based Machining (FBM) Mill and Drill enhancements
  • New tool library format
  • Setup sheet/ActiveReports improvements
  • Block Drill support in FBM Drill
  • Automatic Toolpathing (ATP) enhancements
  • Ability to assign colors to solid faces
  • Advanced CAD model curvature analysis
  • Improved bolt circle creation
  • More powerful post processing customization
  • New Plunge Turn toolpath in Lathe
  • Roughing and Cutoff toolpath enhancements
  • New power library format in Wire
  • New Art toolpaths
  • And much more…